about where you are

about the mothcat && the mothmoon

about me

things about me
pronouns mew/moon/it
gender cute
species mothcat
age 19
height 147cm (~4'10)
location , 
top or bottom bottom-leaning switch
faborite browser waterfoksh
likes snow, stars, manga (yuri <3), cuddling
dislikes harsh noise "music", my messy hair

so you want to know more about me? uhm... im kinda bad at writing about myself...
but i made this nice table of ... things! about me! to the right! unless youre on a phone in which case its probably abobe this!
but... lets see here, what can i write about mew,,,

oh yeah! right! im a mothcat! ppl on the internet arent used to those... but yoube probably heard of catgirls. imagine one of those, but with cuter ears, less (none) tail, and really pretty wings. oh and the classic moth *stares at lämp* thing,,, god lights are pretty,,,,

also! i habe some interests!!

the internet is so fun!!! eber since we got it here, ibe been browsing it all the time... and then i found books on html and css and how to make my own, and its been so fun, eberyones websites are so cool :D:D:D
i had a couple of ekshperiment pages before this one, but this is the first one im putting up for others to see (atleast in a place where people can find it)... dont worry, you wouldent want to see the others, they were really bad...

about website

yesh~ the moon i libe on... or uh, its not really a moon... its what they call a "homepage", and.. i dont libe on it... but... to me its my fluffy lil moon, and on the internet i libe here, so i get to do whateber i want with it =w=

todo: more about website

about my home

so. kuestion and answer: why do you not use letters like "q" on this website??????
... its simple, my keyboard doesnt habe that button, so typing q is a pain... it takes like 4 keypresses, i cant be bothered....
heres a list of keys i dont habe,

mew... typing html tags without these letters sucks... i should set up some macros for them nyaaa

... but this isnt about my keyboard!!!!!!!! this is about where i come from!!!
so, i libe in myrheon, which sorta isnt in the same world as you (the reader, reading this) is in...
long story short, something something magic, something something dimension trabel, but. . . we couldent go too far into the other worlds without... dying terribly, but we did find out we could steal the stuff there >:3c
~ and thus, some nerd ended up stealing a bunch of computers from your world and now im here and the internet is foreber improbed because of it ~

some things that, we habe here that i really like are,

from what ibe understoob, its like christmas?
ekshcept, we gibe gifts to  (deerfokshes), let in their spirits, and later they gibe us gifts back :D
also a whole lot of praying,,, you all should pray to  during christmas since its so cold,,, the god of snugs and warms will help you uwu
or yust know temperature control magic -w-

the best demon ruler eber,,, (also conbiniently eternal)
its bery cute!!!! and chaotic!!! and adorable,,,,,,,,,

like.. i miss moods.. they're probably the best thing in ... apparently the internet has tone indicators for those instead? so you can type like. /pos to imply good things,,, but we yust write at the end of a sentence when were ekshcited about things, or  to say we feel we desire something,,
(also the alphabet is nicer.. and the words sound all warm and comfy...)
i should elaborate on the language at some point here,,, but its hard to when you're all used to it, you know?

i mean,,, you habe these computers instead which are... really cool, but honestly it's got nothing on magic
on computers i need to run desktop_snow.exe while here i can yust summon snow out of nowhere :3
also we habe shapeshifting magic!!!! which hurts .. a lot..... but,,, like god its so cool for when you get bored of your look,,
.... i should probably go ask someone who knows shapeshifting magic to fiksh my hair... i wonder what i'd habe to do in ekshchange for that though nyaaa,,,, too much effort...

anyways - come to !! if . dimension trabel without the whole... death part... is a thing someday...